Mini Golf Days

There are two Mini Golf Days each year - the first is 'National Miniature Golf Day' which takes place on the second Saturday in May. The second is 'Miniature Golf Day' and is always marked on the 21st September.

Mini Golf Days

The Big Mini Golf Tour is taking place in the seaside resort of Greater Yarmouth, with miniature golf courses in Hemsby, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston-on-Sea participating in the event.

The four-month event in the British seaside resort tees-off on National Miniature Golf Day, Saturday 14th May 2022 and runs until Miniature Golf Day on Wednesday 21st September 2022.

That's a total of 131 Mini Golf Days!

You can plan your visit to the participating miniature golf courses in Hemsby, Clippesby, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston-on-Sea by checking out the Big Mini Golf Tour map.

Mini Golf Monday

Each Monday is 'Mini Golf Monday' too!

There will be a total of 19 Mini Golf Mondays during the Big Mini Golf Tour in 2022.

Funding from Visit Great Yarmouth/GYTABIA has helped to bring you the ‘Big Mini Golf Tour’. Visit Great Yarmouth/GYTABIA uses money raised from a business improvement district levy which is designed to raise the profile of the area, increase the number of people visiting and staying, improve the visitor experience and increase repeat visits, encourage people to stay longer and to visit more attractions and to provide incentives and opportunities to spend more in local businesses. Head to the Visit Great Yarmouth/Greater Yarmouth Tourism & Business Improvement Area website for further information.


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